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Dollar sets the pace for currencies
US basket climbs above key threshold for first time in 6 months as euro slips below $1.06
Related: Dollar Rides High into Month-End
Marc to Market
The US dollar is firm against the major currencies and nearly all the emerging market currencies as well to close out the week (and month) Participants are clearly focused on next week's events, and in particular, the prospect of additional easing measures by the ECB. Also, next week's speeches by ...
Carney achieving his goals, strangling the UK recovery
Marcus Nunes / Historinhas
A James Alexander post In mid-2015 Mark Carney stated that the next move in UK rates would be up and that it would come into sharper focus at the turn of the year. This was interpreted as monetary tightening by Market Monetarists and some others. Market prices moved: Sterling, bond ...
Related: The key to all George Osborne's plans is his £200bn tax bonanza
Andrew Sentance / Telegraph
It is as if the Chancellor has more than doubled income tax and is using the proceeds to reduce borrowing and increase spending at the same time
Related: Key UK events taking place next week (FSR) - TDS
FXStreet / FX Street
FXStreet (Guatemala) - Analysts at TD Securities noted the key events taking place next week in the UK starting with Bank of England Financial Stability Report.Key Quotes:"Bank of England Financial Stability Report (1 Dec): Rumours have popped up that the FPC might decide at their meeting this week to raise ...
Related: The UK economy may be growing, but in a highly unbalanced way
Phillip Inman / Guardian
The services sector continues to outpace manufacturing, still suffering from export volatility, as people rush to borrow more Every time the latest GDP figures appear, the Treasury wants us to use the occasion to look at the positive picture of the economy in the round. The third quarter data confirms ...
Dollar and euro diverge from Draghi effect
Transatlantic economic split may be approaching its limit
Related: Europe's Banks Are Still Drowning in Bad Loans
Pater Tenebrarum / Acting Man
A "Major Concern" The European Banking Authority EBA, which (we guess) is fighting for its survival after the ECB has become the sole supervisor of Europe's "systemically relevant" banks, has recently issued a comprehensive report on the European banking system (this included the unintended revelation that its employees have yet ...
Related: Welcome news: 19 countries call for targets on cutting EU regulation
Vincenzo Scarpetta / Open Europe
At the instigation of the UK, 19 EU member states have signed a letter calling on the European Commission to establish targets for reducing the burden of EU regulation. While the letter is short on details as to how this could be achieved in practice, the initiative shows broad support ...
China's Plunge Protection Team Now Owns 6% Of The Entire Chinese Stock Market
Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge
Two weeks ago, in "The Cost Of China's 'Manipulated Market Stability' May Be Too High, BofAML Warns," we revisited Beijing's plunge protection national team, which during Q3 bought an astounding CNY1.5 trillion in stocks. For those who might have forgotten exactly how this worked, the PBoC effectively transformed CSF into ...
Related: China gung-ho for hubs in Thailand
Bangkok Post
Chinese investors are keen to use Thailand as their manufacturing base for three major industries because of the availability of raw materials and strong government support, says the head of the Asean International Traditional Investment Association (Aitia).
Related: Chinese Pull Back From U.S. Real Estate
Chinese nationals are the top foreign buyers of U.S. homes, but in recent weeks they have started to pull back, scared off by their country's stock slump and weakening economy.
Latin American economies should show leadership on climate negotiations
Felipe Calderón ... / Free Exchange
Forward-thinking climate action can be an economic boon
Related: The likely winners and losers from the Paris climate talks
Giles Parkinson / Renew Economy
The fossil fuel industry stands to lose $34 trillion in revenues in the next two decades if a strong outcome is achieved at the Paris climate change talks. These 7 graphs highlight what is at stake as more than 140 global leaders and 40,000 people converge on Paris for these ...
Related: Dot Earth Blog: As World Leaders Launch Paris Climate Talks Monday, Bill Gates Will Launch a Supporting Science Push
As Paris talks on new climate targets begin, Bill Gates will unveil a new science push to help achieve emissions goals.
Emerging Markets: What has Changed
Marc to Market
(from my colleagues Dr. Win Thin and Ilan Solot)1) Mauricio Macri, the mayor of Buenos Aires, won the Argentine presidential election with 52% of vote 2) The latest political developments in Brazil rocked asset prices 3) The Brazilian central bank kept rates on hold at 14.25%, as expected, but two ...
Related: Downed Jet Disrupts Russia and Turkey Wheat Trade
Tensions following Turkey's shooting down of a Russian jet are disrupting the Black Sea wheat trade, which could push prices higher as some customers look for alternative supplies.
Cry for Argentina?
Dean Baker / CEPR
The election of the conservative candidate to the presidency in Argentina has been cause for celebration in mainstream Washington, as typified by this Washington Post editorial. I won't claim to know which candidate offered the better path for the country going forward, but we should not let the Washington Post ...
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Related: Country risk expert insight: Argentina faces struggle to modernize economy
Euromoney Country Risk experts believe drastic change is in the pipeline for Argentina - but its newly elected government has a fight on its hands to push through economic reforms.
Abe's Japan Looks Economically Exhausted
Stephen Pope, Contributor / Forbes
Abenomics is stalling and the reason is that the third arrow of structural reform has not been used effectively.
Related: Japanese government mulls corporate tax cut to below 30% in fiscal 2016
Japan Times
The government is considering a deeper cut to the effective corporate tax rate than previously planned for the next fiscal year from April, slashing it to below 30 percent, sources familiar with the matter said Friday. The government now plans to lower the rate to 29.97 percent from the current ...
Elite Funds Prepare For Reflation?
Leo Kolivakis
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph reports, Elite funds prepare for reflation and a bloodbath for bonds:One by one, the giant investment funds are quietly switching out of government bonds, the most overpriced assets on the planet.Nobody wants to be caught flat-footed if the latest surge in the global money supply ...
Oil & Gas Notes: Petrobras Worker Strike Ends, Complications Grow For Shell-BG Deal
Trefis Team, Contributor / Forbes
The Oil & Gas industry saw significant activity this week, with Petrobras announcing that the worker strike that was severely affecting its Brazilian operations has finally come to an end. The company claimed in a statement that most unions have approved the end of the strike. On a separate note, ...
Related: Who is buying ISIL's oil?
Al Jazeera
Turkey has been forced to deny Russian allegations that it buys oil from the armed group, and says Assad is a customer.
Related: Crude Oil: A Review Of 2015 And Outlook For 2016
Korey Bauer / See It Market
Crude Oil 2015 Review and 2016 Outlook - In Charts In 2015, crude oil has been down 19% and continues to fall further as the global glut remains intact. Crude... The post Crude Oil: A Review Of 2015 And Outlook For 2016 appeared first on See It Market .
Related: Will Low Oil Prices Increase Internal Instability In Conflict Countries?
Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge
Submitted by Ryan Opsal via, With over 1.6 million internally displaced in South Sudan, and another 600,000 refugees in neighboring countries, are oil price declines exacerbating humanitarian crises in oil-producing African countries, and can we expect further deterioration as a result of the recent price depression? This is a ...
HMRC asks tax avoiders for promise
Letters invite taxpayers to commit not to avoid tax again
Related: HMRC declares an end to 'hiding money in another country' from January
Kate Palmer / Telegraph
'Come to us before we come to you': Revenue unveils campaign to publicise new powers to demand personal financial details in 90 countries
A big sweeping theory of modern history
Noah Smith / Not Quite Noahpinion
Here's a Big Sweeping Theory that I've been toying with. There are lots of theories of the cycle of rise and decline of empires in the agricultural, premodern world. I'd like to create a parallel theory of low-frequency cycles in the modern, industrialized world.It's possible to see the convulsions of ...
Dijssebloem threatens Greece & other countries with "Schengen expulsion"
Keep Talking Greece
The head of the Eurogroup, Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem warned that countries which fail to adequately guard Europe's borders and do not take in a fair share of refugees could find themselves outside the borders of a future zone. Dijsselbloem's threats have two different targets: Greece that has [...]
German shoppers' confidence 'dips'
Confidence among shoppers in Germany has dipped according to a survey, amid worries over Europe's largest economy.
Related: ECB deposit rate not a barrier for sinking German five-year yields
LONDON, Nov 27 (Reuters) - The yield on five-year German government bonds hit a record low below the European Central Bank's -0.20 percent deposit rate on Friday, adding to signs that markets are...
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Latin American economies should show leadership on climate negotiations
Free Exchange
Cry for Argentina?
German shoppers' confidence 'dips'
HMRC asks tax avoiders for promise
Oil & Gas Notes: Petrobras Worker Strike Ends, Complications Grow For Shell-BG Deal
Dollar and euro diverge from Draghi effect
Carney achieving his goals, strangling the UK recovery
Dollar sets the pace for currencies
Abe's Japan Looks Economically Exhausted
China's Plunge Protection Team Now Owns 6% Of The Entire Chinese Stock Market
Zero Hedge
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