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What Greece Won
Paul Krugman
Why all the negative analysis about the debt deal that has actually done the rest of Europe a favor?
Related: German MPs vote on Greek deal: live
Denise Roland / Telegraph
All eyes on Berlin as Bundestag prepares to vote on Greece's four-month bail-out extension
Related: Restive Bundestag to approve Greek bailout extension
Mike Peacock / MacroScope
Bundestag to vote on Greek bailout extension
Related: You will get nothing unless you honour our deal, Germany warns Greece
Justin Huggler / Telegraph
Germany expected to approve new eurozone bail-out deal for Greece on Friday
To Fix India, Think Local
Dhiraj Nayyar / Bloomberg Views
States spend better than the national government.
Related: India looks for economic magic in new budget
The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to reveal its second budget, an event so highly anticipated that TV news channels have doubled their advertising rates around Saturday's presentation.
Related: Will Narendra Modi be India's Thatcher?
Will Narendra Modi be India's Thatcher?
Related: What India's Budget Won't Tell You
Chandrahas Choudhury / Bloomberg Views
In India, a country that is still nominally socialist, the budget is always read as a coded message about how supportive the government of the day intends to be when it comes to markets.
Despite low unemployment, large sections of German society remain at risk from poverty
In the early 2000s, the then SPD-Green government in Germany implemented a package of policies known as 'Agenda 2010', which aimed to reform the country's welfare system and labour market. Stefan Selke writes on the impact of these reforms ten years later. He argues that while the unemployment rate in ...
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Related: Germany's Schäuble Calls For Bailout Extension Backing
Germany's finance minister called on lawmakers to back a four-month extension of Greece's bailout, arguing that voting against the bill would cause Germany's future "great damage."
Mapped: 10 years of Britain's house price boom (and bust)
Anna White / Telegraph
For many people wealth is tied up in property. After a decade of extroadinary house price growth locate the wealthiest and poorest areas by value of homes.
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Related: The Bank of England's balance sheet in looong-term perspective
Matthew C Klein / FT Alphaville
In celebration of the Bank of England's One Bank Research conference, the Bank has, for the first time, produced information on its balance sheet going back more than three centuries "in a user-friendly spreadsheet form and as continuous time series." There's lots to digest in there, but one thing we'd ...
Related: Bank of England beefs up oversight after foreign exchange furore
Peter Spence / Telegraph
The Bank of England has completed a review of its processes when dealing with financial markets contacts
Credit supply and the housing boom
Alejandro Justiniano ... / VoxEU
There is no consensus among economists on the forces that drove the historical rise of US house prices and household debt that preceded the Global Crisis. In this column, the authors argue that the fundamental factor behind that boom was an increase in the supply of mortgage credit. This rise ...
Guest post: China keeps credit flowing to Latin America's fragile economies
Guest writer / Beyond BRICs
By Kevin P. Gallagher and Margaret Myers Despite the economic slowdown that is gripping Latin America, Chinese finance to the region rose to $22bn in 2014, a 71 per cent jump over 2013. These latest estimates from the China-Latin America Finance Database put 2014 as the second highest year on ...
Related: China's investment
Asia Times
China's new Draft Foreign Investment Law has been hailed as a major overhaul of the existing foreign-investment regime, but it is clear there still is a huge amount of grey for overseas investors to contend with. - Jean-Marc F Blanchard
Related: China under pressure as money flees country
China's yuan has lost nearly 1% against the dollar so far this year, after falling 2.5% last year, putting pressure on the country's financial system.
Related: China's Real Property Problem
William Pesek / Bloomberg Views
Boosting prices won't lead to growth.
Related: Wealth Gap Tops List of Concerns Ahead of China's Political Meetings
WSJ China Real Time Report
Official statistics show that China's wealth gap has narrowed in recent years. New surveys show that many people aren't feeling that impact.
Japan output, jobless up; prices down
Bangkok Post
Japan's industrial output increased the most in more than three years while unemployment worsened, retail sales slid and inflation slowed as the nation released its economic report card for January.
Related: Japan Inflation Continues to Slow
Japan's inflation rate slowed again in January to its lowest level in more than a year and half, as declining global oil prices continued to sap momentum from upward price pressure.
When do we decide that Europe must restructure much of its debt?
Michael Pettis / Credit Writedowns
By Michael Pettis It is hard to watch the Greek drama unfold without a sense of foreboding. If it is possible for the Greek economy partially to revive in spite of its tremendous debt burden, with a lot of hard work and even more good luck we can posit scenarios ...
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Related: Bond yields hold near record lows as ECB inflation goal out of sight
LONDON, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Euro zone government bond yields held just above record lows on Friday, as the latest round of inflation data before the ECB kick-starts its bond-buying programme were...
Related: Euro-area governance: what to reform and how to do it
• Reform of the governance of the euro area is being held back by disagreement on what is at the root of the euro area's woes. Pre-crisis, the euro area suffered from the built-up of financial imbalances, price and wage divergence and an insufficient focus on debt sustainability. During the ...
Related: Debt Sustainability and Economic Convergence of Euro Area Member States: Challenges and Solutions [pdf]
Petersen Institute
In a paper requested by the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs committee, Paolo Mauro puts forward proposals aimed at fostering economic convergence in the euro area while ensuring debt sustainability for member states.
The real questions US Senate should have asked FOMC Chair Janet Yellen..
Amol Agrawal / Mostly Economics
Brendan Brown of Mises Institute has a nice piece. He calls the recent meeting a missed opportunity to grill Fed chair and hold the central bank of the mega mess: In terms of theatrical impact, the first performance of the Republican majority in the Senate responding to semi-annual testimony from ...
Related: What Will Make Fed's Yellen 'Reasonably Confident' in Inflation Rebound?
Pedro Nicolaci da Costa / WSJ Economics
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen indicated this week the central bank is considering a shift away from its pledge to be "patient" in deciding when to start raising short-term interest rates. And as the Journal's Jon Hilsenrath has suggested Ms. Yellen may have already offered a hint of the phrase ...
Related: Fed's Williams Sees Door Open for Interest-Rate Increases Starting in June
Michael S. Derby / WSJ Economics
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams said the door is open to central bank interest rate increases any time from mid-June onward. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Williams expressed a good deal of confidence in the U.S. outlook, especially on hiring.
Related: Why Isn't the Fed More Worried About Inflation Expectations?
WSJ Economics
Expected inflation, as measured by financial markets, has fallen sharply since last summer in both the eurozone and the U.S. The response of their central banks couldn't be more different.
Related: Cleveland Fed's Mester: Fed's Focus is the Economy, Not Politics
Ben Leubsdorf / WSJ Economics
The Federal Reserve and Chairwoman Janet Yellen make policy decisions based on economics and not politics, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester said Thursday.
No, Obama, Russia's Economy Isn't 'in Tatters'
Leonid Bershidsky / Bloomberg Views
And don't count on economic strife to undermine Vladimir Putin.
Related: Is The Party Over? Sanctions And Economic Slump Expedite Expat Exodus From Russia
EurasiaNet / Value Walk
Is The Party Over? Sanctions And Economic Slump Expedite Expat Exodus From Russia by A EurasiaNet Partner Post from: RFE/RL MOSCOW - Nash Tavkhelidze has been in the expat party business since the 1990s. And in the age of sanctions it looks like the party's over. Tavkhelidze is the ...
Ukraine's Debt Debacle
Mark Whitehouse / Bloomberg Views
War is making a mess of the Ukrainian government's finances.
Related: Viewpoint: What West must do in Ukraine
The West must show huge resolve if the Ukrainian ceasefire is to hold, writes Prof Anatol Lieven.
Related: Ukraine's economy presents a stern test
The euphoria of the Maidan protest has given way to worries about food, heating and painful reforms
Gas Prices Hit 2-Month Highs, Rise At Fastest In a Decade
Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge
Despite still low crude oil prices, gas prices at the pump have been on the rise recently. While still at levels not seen since 2009, gas prices in February have surged at the fastest pace in at least a decade to 2-month highs. As SMRA notes, shutdowns at some refineries ...
Related: Oil's Big Swings Are the New Normal
Volatility is roiling the oil market, luring traders in search of quick profits but discouraging longer-term investors who had grown accustomed to more muted swings.
Gas's Drop Drives U.S. Into Deflation Territory
WSJ Economy
A measure of U.S. consumer prices fell in January from a year earlier, marking the first annual decline in more than five years and potentially complicating the calculus for when the Federal Reserve will lift interest rates.
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The failure of macroeconomics
Frances Coppola / Coppola Comment
This is the text of a talk given at Manchester University on 26th February 2015 proposing the motion "This house believes that mainstream economics has failed". It was followed by contributions from Trina Watson of the Post-Crash Economics Society (supporting), Dr. Andrew Lilico and Dr. John Ashworth (opposing), and a ...
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Japan output, jobless up; prices down
Bangkok Post
What Greece Won
Paul Krugman
The real questions US Senate should have asked FOMC Chair Janet Yellen..
Mostly Economics
To Fix India, Think Local
Bloomberg Views
Guest post: China keeps credit flowing to Latin America's fragile economies
Beyond BRICs
Ukraine's Debt Debacle
Bloomberg Views
Mapped: 10 years of Britain's house price boom (and bust)
Despite low unemployment, large sections of German society remain at risk from poverty
Credit supply and the housing boom
Gas Prices Hit 2-Month Highs, Rise At Fastest In a Decade
Zero Hedge
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